It is mainly used as suggested method by Lund and Freeston (2001) at directly usage sums. This method has been using at World Geothermal Congresses which are being arranged since 2005, to estimate the capacity of directly usage. According to this,

Usable Thermal Power == > (MWt) = m (kg/s)*(Ti –To) (oC)*0.004184

Here it represents;

Bolu Escort

'Ti', 'T0'are the input and output temperatures of geothermal waters of the energy plant respectively and m is the maximum flow rate of geothermal waters. For visitors, the input and output temperatures of geothermal waters at the facilities that they have directly usage are indicated at the tables with their max. flow rates.

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Escort Bolu

Reference: Lund, J.W., Freeston, D.H., “ World-wide direct uses of geothermal energy 2000”, Geothermics 30, 29-68, 2001.