XIth International Corrosion Symposium with an EFC Event Number 314 is going to take place on 22-25 October 2008 in Izmir


 KORSEM08, International Corrosion symposium in Izmir, Turkey – EFC event No. 314-  will be the 11th in a series of similar symposia jointly organized every two years by a Turkish university and the Corrosion Association in Turkey (member of EFC). The intention of Korsem08 is to provide a platform where recent theoretical, experimental and commercial advances in the field of corrosion and corrosion protection are shared and discussed effectively.

The format of the 11th symposium will be different from earlier meetings in that it will include more than what is expected of a symposium in general. The Organizing Committee has decided to include sessions dedicated to corrosion in energy-related systems because of recent developments towards making Turkey an “energy corridor” between Europe and the countries in the Caucasus, Caspian Sea region, as well as the Middle East and because of the Turkish government’s recently announced plan to construct one or two nuclear plants in the coming years.
It is hoped that sessions planned for general corrosion topics and energy systems will promote a better understanding of the corrosion-related challenges as well as the innovative technical and engineering solutions developed to mitigate them. 
The Organizing Committee is making every effort to attract to the symposium, renowned academics, R&D scientists, plant engineers and technicians, system and equipment manufacturers in addition to policy makers whose activities are related to different aspects of the corrosion phenomena.
As well as sessions dedicated to oral and poster presentations, exhibitions are planned to bring together suppliers and users of equipment for the identification, measurement, monitoring and prevention of corrosion. Exhibitors are also encouraged to submit papers and/or posters to introduce their commercial products.

The book of abstracts and the Symposium Proceedings on CD-ROM will be issued to the participants at the on-site registration desk on the first day of symposium. Papers on certain subject-matters of corrosion (such as tribocorrosion and the like) refereed by the Scientific Advisory Board will be published in SCI-indexed Journals.   



Official language: English/Turkish (Simultaneous translation will be available)

Venue: Sabancı Kultur Merkezi, Izmir Turkey


Abstract submission : 31 March 2008

Acceptance: 15 May 2008

Final paper submission: 18 August 2008