The Çeşme peninsula, lapped by the waters of the Aegean Sea, is located 94 km. west of Izmir, in Turkey’s Aegean region. It is one of Turkey’s most beautiful stretches, surrounded by the clear blue seas, with landscapes of the cultivated fields of aniseed, sesame and artichokes dotted with mastic, fig and gum trees. Visitors find excellent holiday accommodations, restaurants, and marine sports and entertainment facilities.
Çeşme is a charming convergence of healing mineral springs, excellent beaches, crystal clear waters and sun, perfect for vacationers. It is located on the very tip of the peninsula that bears its name. It was called as the 'little harbor' by sailors, but in the course of time, the area became known as Çeşme (Fountain) due to the increasing number of fountains with ice - cold waters.

Çeşme, the port of Erythrai Ancient City, was called as Cyssus in Ancient Times. It was an important settlement area in the 6th century BC. The city developed its trade by establishing relations with Egypt, Cyprus and Western Countries.

The Castle, Caravanserai and many fountains from Ottoman Period and the other examples of civil architecture in the texture of the city compose the historical and archaeological remains of the area. The Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II had the Castle built in 1508. Inside the Castle, there is a museum. Today the remains of the Acropolis can be seen on top of the hill which is in the city centre.

The harbor at Çeşme can be used by both yachts and commercial vessels and has docking space for two small cargo vessels. The two marinas located in the region are a paradise for yachting enthusiasts with its rows of small coves.

Alaçatı is one of the most interesting surfing and sailing areas in Europe. It is located in a V-shaped cove with crystal clear water and is surrounded with lush vegetation. The changing winds and perfect conditions make it one of the best surfing areas in Europe. The best thing about Alaçatı is that the winds blow from the land to the sea, and no matter how hard the wind blows the waves in the sea stay about the same. Therefore Alaçatı is a safe place for wind surfing.
The thermal springs of Çeşme are well known by their healing powers. The springs are right on the coast near the Çeşme Hot Springs beach on the İzmir - Çeşme road. Located northeast of the Çeşme Hot Springs on a small peninsula in the Şifne bay are the Şifne (Reisdere) Thermal Spring and Mud Baths.
Çeşme Invites the International Coastal and Marine Tourism Congress 2005 participants to enjoy all these and more during their stay in the region.

---------- HOW TO REACH ---------
By Road

İzmir is 77 km away and is the region’s transportation hub. There are two roads to Çeşme. One is a narrow asphalt road (77 km); the other is a modern superhighway (80 km). No matter what mode of transportation is used to get to İzmir, the tourist will find it easy to get the necessary transportation to Çeşme even on the busiest days of the tourist season. The Çeşme city center is the last stop on the bus and minibus routes. 

There is a bus (Çeşme Seyahat Bus Company) in every 45 minutes between 7.15 a.m.-8.30 p.m. from İzmir to Çeşme.  The bus station is at the city center which is 30 km. away from the airport. There are  shuttle services between the  airport  and the city center.  Shuttle service costs around 5 USD but please make sure you prepare Turkish 7 YTL beforehand. Taxis may be taken after the last stop of the shuttle service to get to the Çeşme bus station at Üçkuyular district.  This trip inside the city center may cost around 8 USD.

Çeşme Bus Station Phone: (+90-232) 712 64 99

İzmir Bus Station Phone: (+90-232) 259 34 15

If transport by taxi from Adnan Menderes airport to Ilıca Çeşme Hotel is preferred, it will cost USD 90 – YTL 125.

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