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On behalf of the Dokuz Eylül University, School of Maritime Business and Management(SMBM) we had the honor to host you in International Maritime Economists (IAME) Annual Conference 2004 which was organized in Izmir, the most important port city of Turkey.

Turkey, standing at the crossroads of major trade routes between Europe and Asia and the cradle for a succession of major world civilizations dating back 8,000 years, hosts many transit routes betweenWest and East through her lands.

The city of Izmir lies on the West Coast of Anatolia and is surrounded by the rich plains of the Aegean Region. With more than 5000 years of history, Izmir is known as being the center of culture, trade and civilization and as the gateway of Anatolia to Europe with its port.

As the leading higher education institute in Turkey concerning maritime business and management, it has beeen our honor to host the distinguished scientists of the international maritime community together with all our colleagues from the region, such as the European Union, Black Sea, Balkan, Middle East, and Turkic countries.

We believe, enlightened by the traditional scientific atmosphere of the IAME meetings, IAME Annual Conference 2004 has been a fruitful opportunity for maritime economists to discuss and contribute to the maritime issues.


Prof. Dr. A.Güldem CERİT

IAME 2004 Conference Chair



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