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As a fruitful result of the distinguished cooperation reached by Dokuz Eylül University School of Maritime Business and Management (SMBM), LODER (Logistics Association of Turkey) and Cass Business School City University, International Logistics Congress 2004, the first of which was arranged in 2003, will be held in Izmir on December 2-3, 2004 and will cover the most recent developments in logistics and supply chain management.

Izmir, where the congress will be hosted, has been a historically famous port city still contributing a lot to Turkish foreign trade income due to its unique feature as a logistics centre connecting Minor Asia (Anatolia) with Europe. We believe that this congress will provide the participants with a distinctive opportunity to discuss the logistics and supply chain management issues through an overall transport vision.

The main purpose of this congress is to set a forum for discussions and exchange of views on the key role of the logistics and transport functions in creating and promoting value networks in business management in a new millennium; creating a positive synergy through the logistics related professionals and academicians which would hopefully contribute with sample solutions to the logistics and transport industry as a whole.

We would be pleased to receive your invaluable contributions to the International Logistics Congress 2004 to discuss the logistics and supply chain management issues within the framework of value networks.

Prof. Dr. Emin ALICI
President, Dokuz Eylül University


The movement or flow of goods, services and information related with such outputs from the source of supply to the point of demand with the main aim to meet the customer needs is called logistics. Even such a short- cut definition reveals that the scope of the functions shouldered by logistics is remarkably large. Within this tremendously expanded scope, some of the leading units of processes are Designing Logistics web, Carrying, Packaging, Information Management, Inventory Management, Foreign Trade issues, etc. What has made “logistics” a kind of shining star is the pure competence exploited in carrying out all the processes involved in this magic term in perfect compliance with the basic principles of quick response, instant spotting, the least possible inventory, sustainability, high quality and desired efficiency even under the severe competitive conditions prevailing in the existing trade patterns. For logistics to keep shining as a star, strict compliance with these principles is a must, for logistics knowledge and skills could soundly be based on effective use of information technology as well as a high level of specialization.

One of the wealthy sources and media through which the above mentioned knowledge and skills inevitable for effective logistics activities could be acquired is the professional and scientific congresses . Logistic Association, a professional organization established by the members from the logistics- related businesses, is one of such fruitful gatherings. The source of the members of this association comprises all the related parties e.g. academicians and students from the logistics education and training institutions as well as the professionals offering and/ or receiving logistics services. The aim of the Association is to promote logistics as a well organized profession. On the way to reach this aim, Logistics Association has so far organized two effortful but fruitful activities: “International Logistic Congress 2003” and “Supply Chain Management Symposium 2004”. Besides, since its establishment, Logistics Association has been making the best possible use of certain means, e.g. education, training, courses, and press, to contribute to further improvement of this profession.

With the sound belief that “International Logistic Congress 2004” will add further invaluable contributions to advancement of scientific studies and particularly logistics we would be pleased to see the logistics-related academicians and/or professionals at this Congress either as speakers or actively involved audience.

Dr. Mehmet TANYAS
President, Logistics Association


Cass Business School is proud to be associated with the "International Logistics Congress 2004" to be held in Izmir in collaboration with the Logistics Association of Turkey and Dokuz Eylul University. Through the International Centre for Shipping, Trade & Finance, Cass Business School of City University, London has provided a for international dialogue between industry, government and academic leaders as well as undertaking applied for over 20 years. Our commitment has been International from the beginning, and our support of the Congress is representative of that effort. We encourage you to join us and share your knowledge at this unique event, to be held in the unique location of Izmir, Turkey, the historic centre of trade between the continents.

Cass Business School
City University