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What is Metallurgical and Materials Engineering?

Today, the requirements for high performance and functionality in health care, aerospace, automotive, marine, defense, energy, electronics, IT and telecommunications industries , and the need for eco-friendly new materials is increasing day by day.

Given that these requests in the industry, for Metallurgical and Materials Engineers large work areas are emerging.
In this context, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering fields of study can be summarized as;

  • to ensure the production of materials used by people from the primary sources of naturally occurring minerals or recovered through recycling to ensure the production of secondary sources,
  • to process necessary research, development and implementation in order to change the shape and properties of these materials,
  • to characterise materials, for design and material selection,
  • to investigate the working environment and the protection of adverse effects, during use.
  • Use of re-use of materials to gain ended

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering concerns the use of materials more efficiently, innovative and creative approaches to the design and applications, improving the environmental impact of all kinds of applications in the field of sustainability and the economical development.

These studies also focuses not only on metals, as only one material group but also on , glass, ceramics, plastics and other materials such as composite materials includes groups.
In this context, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering students for undergraduate studies;

  • basic knowledge of mathematics and physics and chemistry as well as
  • "Basic" engineering knowledge
  • From a professional standpoint of metallurgical production facilities and processes, analysis and design,
  • Metallurgical Thermodynamics and kinetics of reactions,
  • Material characterization,
  • Shaping the materials
  • to design necessary processes criteria the development of relations between Structure-property-processing-performance of materials and to be able to cause-and-effect relationships.
  • In order to prepare engineering working life to have a knowledge in occupational safety and health, project management, quality control, environment and economy
  • In terms of personal and professional development, to have knowledge in ethics, responsibility, lifelong learning, communication skills, as well as general issues and aim to provide the information.