R/V K.Piri Reis


R/V Koca Piri Reis named after Kaptan-i Derya PIRI REIS, known as respected captain by Turkish and World marine history, was build on West Germany Schiffweft Diedrich Oldesrum shipyard. She is registered under the Germanisher Lloyd in June 1978; Reg. No:15487/1, class character F/S me. auth. 16/24

K.Piri Reis research vessel is the first one in Turkey for scientific marine research. She can cruise 15-20 days without berthing. She is 36 m long and 8.10 m wide and is the unique research vessel of Turkey, which can perform interdisciplinary marine research including marine geology and geophysics. Some of her technical specifications are as follows:

Cruise Speed

9.0 knot

Maneuvering Capability

35 m


10 person

Scientific personnel

11 person

Main Engine

V type, Süddeutsche Brimsen AG, Tb 602 V12, 12 cylinders

Auxiliary Enginer 81 kwAX2 (MAN) 380-220 V AC 7.5 kwAX1 (LISTER) 380-220 V AC
Fuel Consumption 136 liters/hour
Propeller Variable pitch controlled propeller
380 V AC, 3 cy
220 V AC, 1 cy
110 V AC, 1 cy
24 V DC
Hot water Buderus 60.000 kcal/h
Air conditioning system The ship is fully air conditioned
Fuel 45 metric Ton
Fresh water 23 metric Ton
Communicational equipment and positioning
DGPS (Trimble)
Decca Radar (12 n.mil)
Decca Radar Bridge Master (Arpa - 96 n.mil)
Decca 550 Autopilot
SG BROWN Meridian Gyro
Debeg Mod. ITT 2200 Automatic Range Finder
Debeg 7313, Transreceiver, 400 W
Amplidan 9000, 10 channels in board communication system.
Navtex Receiver, JRC NCR – 300 A